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For anybody weirdly interested in the "John Lennon" quote like I am, nobody knows. Not covered in the article is the strange spelling ('mom' and not 'mum,' which is more common in the UK) as well as the fact that Lennon's mom wasn't really around when he was 5 (also seen in the lyrics to Mother off of his 1970 album with Yoko).

Another great article! I just want to slightly correct the statement on Broadway (source: I am a techie in the NYC area). 

Broadway has been shooting for a fall opening for some time before Cuomo's press conference (source), even while smaller Off-Broadway theatres have already started.  A full Broadway production, especially the expensive spectacle-driven musicals (Lion King, Wicked, etc.), can not run at a profit for long (source for those interested in a breakdown of just how expensive Broadway is to produce) with anything less than 100% capacity. Industry reasoning is that September/October is when people (especially tourists, which are the bulk of audiences) are willing to return to theatres.

Essentially, while Cuomo's announcement was a surprise, nobody was looking to open in May regardless of Cuomo. A delay implies being slower than originally planned, and Broadway productions are currently still on schedule for a fall opening.

Hello! I found my way onto here from SSC. Currently on a gap year before starting university in the fall. Interested in rationality as a method of making the most of college education. I've been reading sequences and description of certain classes (cough AP cough) as "guessing the password" really put words to frustrations I've felt in school. Any suggestions on where to go from here?