Against Rationalization II


Far-Ultraviolet Light in Public Spaces to Fight Pandemic is a Good Idea but Premature

Burns, sunburns, repeated impact, scrapes, abrasion from overuse...

I generally only put a dressing on damaged skin if it's actually bleeding. And even then if the dressing falls off after it clots, I don't worry about it.

Far-Ultraviolet Light in Public Spaces to Fight Pandemic is a Good Idea but Premature

I'm worried about damaged skin. If I have a patch of surface where the keratin layer is abnormally thin, does that skin mutate, metastasize, and threaten my entire body? I suspect such patches are present in over 1% of individuals under normal circumstances.

Discontinuous progress in history: an update

What were the 38 trends you studied? How did you select them? How confident are you that the other 28 don't have discontinuities that you missed?

How to have a happy quarantine

https://yucata.de/en is another website with a variety of games

http://brass.orderofthehammer.com/ has Brass

http://boardgaming-online.com/ has Through the Ages, both original and updated deck. (Despite the generic name, it's just that one game.)

Words With Friends is imitation Scrabble available as a Facebook app.

Against Rationalization II: Sequence Recap

So *that's* where that UI lives! I did look for it.

Might go back and convert this into a proper sequence when I get back from Mystery Hunt.

Propagating Facts into Aesthetics

In addition to modifying the perceived beauty or distastefulness of a given concept, there are knobs you can turn related to the concepts themselves: nudging, splitting, merging, or even destroying (and assigning all remaining aesthetic value to other, related concepts.

dspeyer's Shortform

This is a public key I wanted to document exists in a rationalist-associated place:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAAAgQDSU/aJmWPV/lHsh5TiePzWimK0/Bj4VlsykTYucHv5PG+b3ogUe8zjcBqzW1Dl0pIJj+KYaEdxk5KYhEEImyaP6umMPnlKvL4VqR3lXebvTAnGxcWN27ZJDqcfgGI/Ilcf1JVEjA6g6DyvEOx3xeqBUH+oPvo8Z/VmyZjAFuuWwQ== dspeyer@dspeyerheim

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