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Open Thread March 31 - April 7 2014

Does compatibilism recognize a difference between "we have free will" and "we have a will"?

Open thread, 11-17 March 2014

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In favour of terseness

Determinism means that you were not the creator of the circumstances that led to the decision you made. So, in a sense, it does make it not really "your" decision.

[Open Thread] Stupid Questions (2014-02-17)

What makes this obviously wrong? I mean, aside from preferences, why would it not make sense to start with a universe in a current state you like and end up with a state you dislike?

[Open Thread] Stupid Questions (2014-02-17)

If I ceased to exist there would still be people that suffered without a choice. Ceasing to exist wouldn't change this while if everything ceased to exist, it'd change.

[Open Thread] Stupid Questions (2014-02-17)

This just doesn't seem right. Perhaps no amount of happy living outweighs suffering beyond a certain amount.

[Open Thread] Stupid Questions (2014-02-17)

If suffering has far greater dis-utility for you than happy living has utility, is it logical to conclude that it'd be a good thing if the universe ceased to exist, thereby preventing all future suffering at the cost of all future life?

Open Thread for February 11 - 17

What if the 3^^^3 people were one immortal person?

Open Thread for February 11 - 17

Would you prefer that one person be horribly tortured for eternity without hope or rest, or that 3^^^3 people die?