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Thanks Daniel! Most talks should be available soon (except the ones we do not have permission to post)

Even for humans - are my nails me? Once clipped, are they me? Is my phone me? I feel like my phone is more me than my hair, for example. Is my child me, are my memes me, is my country me, etc etc... There are many reasons why agent boundaries are problematic, and that problem continues in AI Safety research.

I agree, but AIS jobs are usually fairly remote-friendly (unlike many corporate jobs) and the culture is better than in most universities that I've worked with, so it has many non-wage perks. Question is, can people in cheap cost-of-living places find such high paid work? In Eastern Europe, usually no - there are other people willing/able to work for less so all wages are low, cost of living correlates with wages in that sense too. So giving generous salaries to experts that are in/are willing to relocate to lower cost of living places is cost-effective, insofar as they are currently an underutilized group. I know in EE there are people who would make for good researchers, but are unaware of the problems, salary landscape and such, which is something we're trying to fix (and global awareness of AI is helping a lot).

Perhaps not all of them are in the Bay Area/London? 150k per year can buy you three top professors from Eastern European Universities to work for you full time, and be happy about it. Sure, other jobs pay more, but when unconstrained from living in an expensive city, these grants actually go quite far. (We're toying with ideas of opening research hubs outside of most expensive hubs in the world, exactly for that reason)

Hello Ishan! This is lovely work, thank you for doing it!

Quick question - we (EA Serbia) are translating AGISF (2023) into Serbian (and making it readable to speakers of many related languages). Do I have your permission to translate your summary, to be used as keynotes for the facilitators in the region, or students after completing the course? We would obviously give credit to you and would be linking to this post as the original. We would not need to start now (possibly mid-February or so), and we would wait for the 2023 version to be up to date with the course we are translating.


(P.S. you may also want to answer the question of whether are you happy for it to be translated into any language, as a blank cheque of approval to translators from other countries ;) )

I have not read it, but it seems useful to come with that knowledge! :)

Thanks, the topic arose from the discussion we had last time on biorisks, if you have topics you want to explore, bring them to the meeting to suggest for January!