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Why isn’t assassination/sabotage more common?

Was that actually the plan or just a post facto explanation? My prior would be that this happened because of the organizing mechanisms of the day (internet vs in-person meeting of the past).

Running Wired Ethernet

Just so you know, the crawlspace is where every dropped nail ends up during construction. Some contractors do a better job than others at cleaning that up.

Studies On Slack

I can only assume you aren't aware that there are many readily available discussions about why Behe's irreducible complexity doesn't hold water.

To have any chance of making any headway with the argument you seem to be attempting here, you're going to have to seriously engage with the large quantity of work that is a retort to the irreducible complexity thesis.

Imagine you're in a world where it's not immediately obvious that a structure built of brick is more resistant to fire than a structure built of straw. There's been lots of discussion back and forth for generations about the relative merits of brick vs straw.

There's a famous expert in brick structures named Fred and everyone on both sides of the debate are aware of Fred. Fred has written a book that brick people think makes it obvious that brick buildings are the best. The straw people have many and varied reasons that they think prove Fred is wrong.

Now, you're interested in helping the straw people see the light. You have an opportunity to talk to a room full of straw people. You want to convince them that brick structures are the best. You're not interested in a tribal fight about brick vs straw, you want to actually persuade and convince.

Would your opening gambit be to say "Brick structures are the best because Fred says so? It's so obvious!". No, of course not! The most reasonable approach would be to engage with the already extensive discussion the straw people have around Fred's ideas.

Running Wired Ethernet

Those bare feet in a crawlspace make me nervous!

Why I'm Not Vegan

I could imagine so would a lot of non-rationalist meat eaters

Maybe your imagination accurately reflects reality or maybe not, but it's certainly not discongruent with enough people having the viewpoint(s) that make jkaufman's stance not-unusual.

The average person's revealed preferences seem to assign close to zero weight to animal suffering.

On the other hand, we could make the argument that we should compare jkaufman's position to what I would assume to be the tiny minority of people who have given any substantial amount of thought to veganism and animal suffering.

In that case, I would agree that it is likely that he is unusual.

[U.S. Specific] Free money (~$5k-$30k) for Independent Contractors and grant recipients from U.S. government

I decided against applying for either of these. I'm self-employed with no other employees and I haven't currently lost any income. I may or may not in the coming months. I'm worried about the repercussions if I apply for this, accept the money, and then end up not actually needing it.

Why I'm Not Vegan

Given the rate of veganism, I'm not sure "unusual" would apply to jkaufman in either case.

Research on repurposing filter products for masks?


I'm just hoping that that they can give the OP some information about using HEPA filters.

I've noticed that many N95 masks also have an exhaust valve.

Research on repurposing filter products for masks?

I don't have an answer, but maybe you can reach out to the people at MUSC who designed this: https://web.musc.edu/innovation/covid-19-innovation

The questions one needs not address

I'm having a hard time understanding how your comment is applicable to mine. AFAICT, definitions have little to do with my comment.

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