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How much delay do you generally have between having a good new idea and sharing that idea publicly online?

I'll ship it when it's ready.

If I have a good idea about how to tie my shoelaces I'll share it immediately!

If I have a good idea about a foundational change in western philosophy it will take me years.

Wanting More Intellectual Stamina

I used to be terribly distracted by video games.

I can't pinpoint the exact thing that happened that let me really cut down on that, but some things I did that all seemed to lead to my current state of playing video games 0-3 hours per week.

1. Uninstalled all games and game distribution services.

2. Downgraded my internet connection to something that makes downloading games take a long time. (I've since upgraded my internet connection but haven't had a "relapse")

3. Unsubscribed from video gaming RSS feeds.

4. Gotten older!

Don't Double-Crux With Suicide Rock

I just want to spring off of this to point out something about Aumann's agreement theorem. I often see it used as a kind of cudgel because people miss an important aspect.

It can take us human beings time and effort to converge on a view.

Oftentimes it's just not worth it to one or more of the participants to invest that time and effort.

Circling as Cousin to Rationality

A slight bit of style critique: I spent the first half of the post thinking "why does he keep capitalizing the word circle and using it this way?". I've literally never heard of this.

It's possible that I'm just way out of the norm here. I don't live in a rationalist hub of activity, but I do read a good portion of LW and a few related blogs.

Programmers Should Plan For Lower Pay

I handle this uncertainty via diversification.

I've dumped portions of my income into purchasing and building rental properties.

Defining "Antimeme"
The typical response to encountering a regular meme is to assign a truth value to it via rationality.

This seems...iffy.

Tapping Out In Two

As I've gotten older, I've become more and more fine with just leaving an internet argument. The *other guy is winning* feeling is 95% gone.

Now, that doesn't mean I won't make a comment or two, but if the other person wants to get into a back and forth that seems like it's going to be draining I'm completely fine with just not participating anymore.

All this to say is that maybe it'll get easier for some?

(FWIW, I'm ~40 and I've been arguing on the internet since I was 12-ish)

Elon Musk is wrong: Robotaxis are stupid. We need standardized rented autonomous tugs to move customized owned unpowered wagons.

Isn't that just the price of an electric car right now? Won't they be vastly cheaper in the future?

Aella on Rationality and the Void

I've never went on a trip, but I always find descriptions of the experience puzzling. The various things that people describe seem like things I "do" myself when I put my mind to it.

This confuses me as either people are bad at describing what the experience is like or I'm different from people who write about their experiences on LSD.

edit: To be clear, people generally note that it's difficult to put into language what the experience is like, so when I say people are bad at describing the experience, I don't believe this to be an accountable failure on the explainers part.

A simple sketch of how realism became unpopular

I can see this being true, but I'm not entirely convinced.

I have no background in philosophy. I don't read philosophy other than occasionally dipping into LW.

Of course, there exists the possibility that occasional dipping into LW has been enough, or that the necessary mental rigor has just seeped into the general populace over the intervening few hundred years.

Also, I'm not sure "anyone in 1710" is the right comparison. More like "people thinking about philosophy in 1710".

Of course, that is likely what you meant, but I think the less precise wording you used makes your argument a lot more convincing so I think it's important to point out the distinction.

To be clear, I'm not arguing that actually I am a ninja of philsophy. I'm just saying that your point doesn't necessarily make me less confused.

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