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miniKanren is a logic/relational language. It's been used to solve questions related to programs. For example, once you give miniKanren a description of the untyped λ-calculus extended with integers you can ask it "give me programs that result in 2" and it'll enumerate programs from the constant "2" to "1 + 1" to more complicated versions using λ-expressions. It can even find quines (if the described language supports it).


The Nanopass Framework is built for that:

"The nanopass framework provides a tool for writing compilers composed of several simple passes that operate over well-defined intermediate languages. The goal of this organization is both to simplify the understanding of each pass, because it is responsible for a single task, and to simplify the addition of new passes anywhere in the compiler."



I'm going again, it was too fun/interesting to miss.

Around São Paulo, yes. Around LW, not much anymore, I mostly read it via feed reader.

This model seems to be reducible to "people will eat what they prefer".

A good model would be able to reduce the number of bits to describe a behavior, if the model requires to keep a log (e.g. what particular humans prefer to eat) to predict something, it's not much less complex (i.e. bit encoding) than the behavior.

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