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Looks like there's some technical difficulties. I've reached out to the creators. It's up and running again, but zoomed in weirdly when I open it. 

Thanks for updating! LessWrong at it’s best :) 

I went through and added up all of the reviews from when Emerson was in charge and the org averaged a 3.9 rating. You can check my math if you’d like (5+3+5+4+1+4+5+5+5+5+5+5+5+1+5+5+3+5+5+5+3+1+2+4+5+3+1)/27

For reference, Meta has a 4 star rating on GlassDoor and has won one of their prizes for Best Place to Work for 12 years straight. (2022 (#47), 2021 (#11), 2020 (#23), 2019 (#7), 2018 (#1), 2017 (#2), 2016 (#5), 2015 (#13), 2014 (#5), 2013 (#1), 2012 (#3), 2011 (#1))

Not diving into it super thoroughly, but when I google “what's the average glassdoor rating”, the first three results I see are: 3.53.3, and 3.3. So I think this counts as being above average on Glassdoor. 

For the reviews of the CEO, it seems they added that feature after Emerson was CEO. There’s only one CEO approval rating before 2017. If however you read the qualitative reviews and look at the overall rating of the org, you’ll find it’s above average. 

Just yesterday I was wishing that this existed. Thank you for making it!

A couple other resources that have come out since this was originally posted:

And separately, what works best for me during acute phases of freakout is doing cardio (usually running or jump rope) + listening to The Obstacle is the Way (book about stoicism). 

Sometimes you can try to reason your way out of something, but sometimes what works best is changing your physiology and listening to a pep talk. 

Also, thanks for writing this! I can't tell you the number of people I've shared it with. 

Depends on your financial situation, but I'd say if you have anything like a regular first world income, yes. 

I also think that the cost makes you actually follow through and do it. 

Of note, if you work full-time in longtermism and make less than $100,000 per year, you will most likely qualify for the Nonlinear Support Fund to pay for it.  

Just based off of my experience, I adjusted to living in southern India (high humidity, >30c/86f most days) in about a month. The first month I was dying and having to drink water constantly, and then about a month in I'd adjusted almost completely. 

Good question! Not at all confident. I'll adjust the claim there to make it more clear this is just an anecdote. 

it sounds like you are talking more about higher-end places. Those types of places I would feel awkward sitting and doing my work the whole day.


I've been doing it for years and it's fine. Not for the whole day, but if you come for lunch, you can usually stay until a bit before dinner and they're fine.

Think of it from their perspective. They just don't want you to be taking up valuable real estate that could be filled with paying customers. Between lunch and dinner most restaurants are pretty empty, so you don't have any counterfactual costs for the retaurant. 

Before lunch you can either get breakfast and do the same thing, or come between breakfast and lunch and order a coffee or two, and the same logic applies. 

If you want to stay all day, you'd definitely want to order three meals, which could be a lot, depending on your budget and the country. 

For the bike, since it's folding, I just take it into whichever place I'm working from. ~99% of the time, it's fine. ~1% of the time they ask you to keep it near the front desk, where somebody's watching over it. 

And since they're so small, you can put them in your luggage, so you can travel with them just fine! 

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