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Cool setup! For me, I always have a baggy that contains one of each of the following to keep it light: painkiller, earbud rubber tip (sucks to lose one), tissue, Pepto bismol tablet, caffeine pill, melatonin, earplugs, bandaid, meds, hair elastic, tampon, travel toothbrush, bit of floss for when something super annoying is stuck between my teeth, stain remover wipe 

Can't tell you how many times I felt like a hero for having a pepto bismol tablet or bandaid available. 

The key is to set an alarm for refilling it whenever you take something out, otherwise it's stops being as useful. 

Thanks for writing this! Some other useful lists of resources:

Should probably be merged with the Lists of Links tag. 

Love this! 

If the offer is still open, you might want to add it it to EA Houses so more people see it. 

I'm not super into that, but I've heard good things from people about Otter.ai

Good catch! Yeah, I'm switching to .org instead of .co and the re-direct link is currently not working for some obscure reason I'm working on. In the meantime, I've updated the link and this is the new one here http://www.katwoods.org/home/june-14th-2019

I also wonder about this. If I'm understanding the post and comment right, it's that if you don't formulate it mathematically, it doesn't generalize robustly enough? And that to formulate something mathematically you need to be ridiculously precise/pedantic?

Although this is probably wrong and I'm mostly invoking Cunningham's Law

Thank you! This clarifies a lot. The dialogue was the perfect blend of entertaining and informative.

I might see if you can either include it in the original post or post it as a separate one, because it really helps fill in the rationale. 

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