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I understand that this is about the algorithm but free will is about choosing between good and evil, about "why".
Why could I have something else for breakfast today? Because they were the last strawberries, and my wife really loves strawberries so I could have left them for her. Without a theme, the choice is not really important from the free will perspective, however might be predictable due to recorded habits.

" As you can see, every item contains "feel". Autonomy is about whether you feel like you can do what you want to do. "

So autonomy is not something we need, but something that we always have, we just need to gain the awareness that we have it, and the awareness of what we can, and the awareness of consequences of our choices.
“Everything is permissible for me,” but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me,” but I will not be mastered by anything. "
"the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me."

This autonomy looks a bit like utopia to me, or the definition needs to be more precise.
Autonomy: making decisions and taking responsibility for these decisions? The most stressful thing in life.
Autonomy: the choice to say 'no' to one's decision? Something that we always have, only the results vary depending on the circumstances and will not always make us happy.
Autonomy: financial and physical ability to own and do what we want? Something that we have little influence on.
Apart of that, aren't autonomy and sensitive relatedness mutually exclusive? To have sensitive relations, " You need to take genuine interest in who they are and what they want, not judge them for it, and help them. " first thing will be limiting our autonomy.
If we look back, what are our happiest moments?
Early childhood: security, love, attention, adoration, lack of competition and almost total lack of autonomy.
Holidays: safety, love or friendship and you don't have to make many decisions.
We need a choice to say 'no' to someone's decisions, but the times when we feel safe, to say 'yes' to someone's decisions are the happiest moments in our lives.
It's really amazing how happy we are to give up our autonomy when we feel safe to do so.
Maybe because making decisions and taking responsibility for these decisions is the most stressful thing in life, same with competences, competition causes constant stress. Is stress what we need to be happy or how much stress do we need to feel happy?

Aren't you afraid that happiness as a goal is a recipe for an unhappy life?