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It has been asked before, but I will ask again because I prefer clear answers: is Death With Dignity MIRI’s policy? 

What I’m seeing from my outside perspective is a MIRI authority figure stating that this is the policy.

Answer by EdricBroadhurst30

Book: Economix (How Our Economy Works, and Doesn‘t Work)

Description: An introduction to how economic theories have evolved and shaped cultural thinking in the context of history. A comic book!

Positives: extremely easy to understand, actually enjoyable, clearly states the limits of theory, organized in a way that meant I was able to anchor the new information to background history that I was somewhat familiar with already, author clearly points out limitations in his viewpoint, covers some modern economics

Negatives: US centric, much less useful for someone who wants more than a launching point

(I would note that there is another economics comic book with a similar title that is, imho, much worse)

One thing I lack is perspective, and the linked resources are offering just that! 

Great context that I wasn’t aware of! Changed language to reflect a level of uncertainty, since I’ve yet to form my own solid timeline. Also because likely has an actual meaning as a word that I didn’t consider.