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Edinburgh LW meetup Saturday 4th of June, 2pm

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I will attend and will attempt to have some sort of mini-presentation for this week on some topic, and if not for this one, then for some later one.

Yeah we did meet. A bit of a coordination failure in following up on it here, but anyway (and this is of general interest):

* The meetup seemed to go well; discussed magic tricks, decision theory, psychology, etc. * We should be holding another one in the near-future (hopefully next week's saturday...(read more)

I posted this originally in the discussion section but deleted it since JGWeissman suggested that the meetup post be in the front page. Sark reposted this since I haven't been posting almost anything on LW, I didn't have enough karma to put the post on the front page.

To reiterate, I will be there ...(read more)

Something I wonder about just how is how many people on LW might have difficulties with the metaphors used.

An example: In, I still haven't quite figured what a waterline is supposed to mean in that context, or what kind of associations the ...(read more)

Though I'm not quite sure if I'm adding anything new or useful, here's my thoughts:

I had followed your luminosity sequence with great interest when you first started it, but with the amount of work I put into reading the individual posts (moderate?), I felt I only ended up with disconnected pieces...(read more)