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Very nice, I see your point, this is a skill that benefits (actually allows) most cognitive processes (or would make you a fantastic chess player).

I would like you to elaborate more on this idea:

Humans are gregarious, in ancient times it was our greatest asset against most predators, (ironically it made us the most terrifying) therefore it was (is) of utmost importance to be part of the tribe. Apparently we are genetically programmed to follow this tribal behavior.

Many times when I witness human interaction I see “power play” (I am sorry to say this but the first thing that comes to mind is apes throwing feces at each other) eventually this leads one of the participants to be offended.

I wonder if the “loser” is overwhelmed with emotion since being degraded in status means the possibility of becoming a cast out, with the unpleasant effect of being devoured by the tiger. Also without sexual partners there is zero chance of passing your (precious) genetic information.



This is fun! To tell you the truth (my thruth not the absolute one) I dont care. I am having a blast trying to unravel what (and how) most people write here.



I think it is remarkable how obviously childish the style of the “bible” quotes is when compared to the deliberately arcane “wording” of the OP.

I agree with you, I also fail to see any level of sophistication in the bible. If anything it is at the same level of “Go god Go” (Must add a disclaimer here: English is not my native language so if I say something stupid it is because I am Mexican)


I respectfully disagree, sapience is an acquired subjective quality, therefore it is trivial to disregard. Now sentience is orders of magnitude more complex. I was going to say “inherent” to the species, but is it? Now this is supposed to be “the easy problem” go figure that.



OK, I take that back. The idea that a tortoise is faster than a runner is preposterous and counterintuitive.

Therefore humans can become Minds

Provided that knowledge is not infinite

But of course that is a preposterous idea too, so I take that one back too, I don’t want to provoke the anger of my anonymous friend and get another wedgie.


"Torah loses knowledge in every generation. Science gains knowledge with every generation. No matter where they started out, sooner or later science must surpass Torah."

Mazel Tov!


"...and mostly likely even more from the rest of humanity today. "

True, 90% of humanity, in this age, believe in ominpotent beings that look over our wellfare.

To me what Eliezer says is that it would be boring to have a god around serving all our needs. But perhaps "it" exists and it is benevolent by not ruining our existence, simply by not existing...


Hello, I think that Zeno paradox of Achilles and the tortoise fits perfectly here...

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