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Thanks so much for writing this series! I only just found it and had to finish it. Rationalist fiction is so addictive.

This summary has inspired me to give light novels a go after having failed at NaNoWriMo a couple of times, and the one time I did finish the end result was .. not good. I have also bought Impro, but will do my best not to get stuck in Anxious Underconfidence and Status Regulation. I finished Inadequate Equilibria a few days ago and also found it to be eye-opening.

Thanks for all of your posts - many of the most interesting sounding ones on LW2.0 that I pick out from my RSS reader are yours.

Found it: Sorry, didn't realise it was so far into the video or I would have looked when I first linked it.

There are a few good CFAR videos on youtube about TAPs as well, e.g.


I have taken the survey. It was fun, thanks!