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I recently learned about the basilisk argument and I wanted to thank Mr. Roko for his post, not for the argument itself indeed but 1) for the reactions and comments generated thereafter and 2) because that lead me to the discovery of this blog.

I take the opportunity to share the following (don’t panic please, it won’t harm anybody):

  1. suppose there’s a modern Robinson Crusoe that finds himself (herself or whatever else “self” you might prefer) onto an island where there’s no food but a hen,
  2. there are three time lines in which he behaves I) as a rationalist, II) as an intelligent person and III) as a wise one,
  3. knowing that in one time line he kills and eat the hen and in another one he doesn’t kill the hen and eat the eggs generated by the bird,

could you tell a) what would be the remaining time line’s outcome and b) to whom each of the time lines corresponds to?

Don’t take it too seriously but don’t simply dismiss it. Have fun, cheers. EM