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When I write a blog post proselytizing transhumanism, it looks like this, this, or this.

The first two links are broken.


Thanks. I'll treat myself to a cookie. There's more:

In Calibration Question And Brier Score Analysis:

  • All questions that ask for an answer "on a scale from one to five" show two 5.0 answers, with different percentages. I guess one of the fives should be None. That's 3 questions for each Brier score group.

In Blogs And Media Demographic Clusters:

  • If None means "no answer", then I think it is incorrectly given as 0.0 for some questions. For example, let's sum up the percentages for ReligiousViews for Cluster 0, where 0.0 is for None: 0.027+ 0.055 + 0.112 + 0.414 + 0.0 + 0.019 + 0.061=0.688 The percentages do not sum up to 1.

  • After the questions about children, there are 9 items labelled WorkStatus_1..9. I think these should be Student/Full Employment/Self-employed/Unemployed, etc.

  • In EducationCredentials, these are listed as two separate items: Bachelor's and Bachelors

  • Not an error, but maybe sort the answers to the number-of-children and number-of-partners questions? Looks a bit weird when they are scrambled and go like 0, 4, 5, 1, Lots and lots, 2, 3.


Thanks for your work, ingres! I want to point out two possible errors in the data analysis output files:

  • In Blogs And Media Demographic Clusters, average age is 2.4

  • In the Superbabies section of Calibration Question And Brier Score Analysis, no people said they would have their child genetically modified for improvement purposes (e.g. to heighten their intelligence or reduce their risk of schizophrenia). This 0 for "yes" is for all Brier score groups, and it can't be right because:

1) on the next question, a lot of people answered they would have their child modified to change their eye color (but not to reduce risk of schizophrenia? doesn't make sense);

2) on a question further down, a lot have stated they have a positive opinion of such modifications.

Also, I remember answering "yes" there, so unless my survey answers got thrown out somehow, it can't be zero.