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I think you underestimate the potential loss. Worst case scenario one of the people he PMs his ideas to puts them online and spreads links around this site.

For what reason does Harry think Quirrell is applying false memory charms to everyone? What's wrong with what they saw?

I would say Eliezer. Introducing another event from the first year of school and subverting it utterly. Blatantly referencing Twilight AND My Little Pony (to the point of bending canon for its inclusion) AND a Methods or Rationality fanwork AND an obscure math program AND Several other cameos sprinkled throughout.

This isn't a particularly bad thing, but I must say, chapter 100 was perhaps the most self indulgent this story has had yet.

25% of the population suicided? I'm sorry, but that just seems...extremely unrealistic. Like it was tacked on to cement this as the bad ending.

The Confessor's beautiful...if only our history could progress in such a way...

So, I recall coming across one of the fanfictions based off of Methods of Rationality, but I can't seem to find it anymore. Perhaps someone here is familiar with it? I only remember two things. 1: it included a battle between the three armies. 2: The battle had something to do with fire (it was mentioned that this was to complete the elemental trend the battles had been following; the forest battles representing earth, the battles high up in Hogwarts being air, and the underwater battle naturally being water).

Well, ideally some of the ideas would be non-obvious. I think the scientific method would count.

I don't quite understand: why is Draco so upset in this chapter? Is it because he's playing the role his father expects of him? It's not like he obtained any new information about what Harry was trying to do since the Self Actualization chapters. He already knew that he was being manipulated to give up blood purity. So what's the issue?

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