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People seem to focus only on intelligence in these discussions. Does anyone not notice the racial composition of many pro sports teams?

Historically there may be causal reasons for differences in group capabilities. Are there studies, say, of the effects of celibacy in Catholic priests in the middle ages as causes for losing intelligence genes in the affected populations? Could there have been an effect of selecting for less intelligence in capturing slaves in Africa (populations would know there were kidnappers about; not everyone got captured, so why not?). Might there have been intelligence selection in that smarter slaves tried to escape and were killed or sterilized? Could there have been any intelligence selection in large wars. In the 30 years war, some areas lost 90% of their population. Might intelligence have increased an individual's likelihood of survival?

With the inclination to censor affirmation of HBD it is perhaps not surprising such questions don't get looked into, but there must be some old curmudgeons who are interested anyway. Anyone know pointers?