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Open thread, Oct. 24 - Oct. 30, 2016

What about laws in place to punish those who run over people and kill them because their goal is to get wherever they need to go as fast as possible ? We punish these people..also we punish those who drive recklessly because they harm society as a whole by pursuing their goal

Open thread, Oct. 24 - Oct. 30, 2016

the rights of others

What about the right not to be killed? I'd live up to 5-10 years more if society valued longevity as much as I do...society would be defacto responsible for my premature death

Terminally ill teen won historic ruling to preserve body

What utility would future humans find in reviving cryonically preserved humans ? Besides a cryonically preserved person can't fight to protect his/her own interest to have the cryonic facilities spared during economic crisis , wars , social unrests..... which would surely happen in the future , history has shown time and time again how those who don't or can't fight to protect their interests stand no chance of having their preference on the status of the world met (other agents would force their preference on the status of the world instead)

Yudkowsky vs Trump: the nuclear showdown.

In other words, you know I'm right but don't want to admit it.

Absolutely , I would never contradict a person so in love with this guy that he'd be willing to die for him , have fun at the front while sane people stay at home

You're confusing Trump with Obama again.

No , you're the one confusing a guy who has great temperament , diplomacy skills and the ability to laugh at himself with a thin-skinned scammer con-artist whose only goal in life is to fuck the next man in the ass and get away with it (think of Trump University and all his other scams).....Who is more likely to start a war?

Yudkowsky vs Trump: the nuclear showdown.

Ok dude whatever you might want to head here you'll find many likeminded people..

I must say that it really warms my heart that there are people like you out there so that when this maniac brings us to some other useless war in the Middle East or South East Asia there would hopefully be plenty of suckers ready to enroll and go die for him so that mr.Trump would be able keep his immaculate record of never having to concede anything to the counterparty during a negotiation

Yudkowsky vs Trump: the nuclear showdown.

Only white people would obscurantly try to say Trump is not a great candidate.

Oh god , we're talking about the star of a reality show who had to decide who between Bret Michaels and Cindy Lauper would have been a better CEO for a company that doesn't exist...

Also :

  • He went bankrupt more time than one could possibly count
  • Evades taxes ,
  • Has a terrible reputation in the construction business because he doesn't pay people or unilaterally renegotiate terms
  • Has 3550 something law suits filled against him
  • Never donated a dollar to charity
  • Thinks Global Warming is a hoax made up by the chinese
  • Wants to build a 50 billion dollar wall which is a fucking joke just to channel that public money through his shady companies
  • Believes he's above the law and sexual assault doesn't apply to him because he's a reality show celebrity
  • He's as authoritarian as dictators like Putin and Qaddafi
  • Advocated for war crimes
  • Advocated for deportation
  • Threatened to jail his opponent
  • Threatened to kill journalists
  • Threatened to block the internet
  • Praised Putin for being a "strong leader"
  • Lies consistently
  • Advocated for violence against protesters
  • Spent 5 million dollars to have his bathroom plated in gold
  • Claimed that mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists
  • Didn't rule out the use of nuclear weapons in Europe
  • Made ridiculous promises of bringing back jobs which would not be brought back
  • Is anti trade even though even a 5 year old understands how trade advantages everyone
  • Wants to pull out the Paris agreement on climate change
  • Advocated for a proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • Advocated for an increased defense spending
  • Advocated for an upgrade of Minutemen ICBM nuclear missiles
  • Is a demagogue who appeals to the lowest common denominator
  • Praised Qatar for it's infrastructure built using slave labor
  • Used immigrant labor in each and every project he developed
  • Succeeded in bankrupting a casino
  • Completely destroyed a political party
  • Scammed people for millions of dollars with stuff like the Trump University
  • Wrote a children bool titled "Winners aren't Losers"
  • He's anti gay marriage
  • He was so in need of attention that he had to make up the lie of President Obama not being american
  • Before he was even elected he already severed relations with Iran
  • Didn't debate in any of the 10 debates he participated during the campaign , he just yelled at opponents and made fun of them
  • He's possibly the human being with thinnest skin on the face of the Earth ( remember this guy will be in possess of nuclear codes)
  • Used whistleblowers revelations to propel his campaign
  • Is anti abortion
  • Has been endorsed by various members of the KKK
  • He claims to be a great businessmen but in fact he has been outperformed by the S&P
Open thread, Oct. 24 - Oct. 30, 2016

Well , in that case the interests of the majority would prevail

Yudkowsky vs Trump: the nuclear showdown.

And where did this abundance of resources and inequality come from? Does the dirt north of the Mexican border have somehow magically generate wealth, whereas the dirt south of it tragically doesn't?

Having the most fertile soils in the entire world in the midwest , and having gargantous deposits of coal basically , also being such a large country and enjoying no customs duty or tariffs while the rest of the world had to deal with them and still deals with them today because of the political fragmentation on our planet

And yet for some reason people build fences around their homes all the time to stop buglers and it works reasonably well

You're underestimating the utility of getting over a fence to rob a house vs getting over a wall to illegally enter the US...people would renounce and would try to rob some other house with lower defenses in the first case , they'd wear their thinking hat and find a way to circumvent the barrier in the second (as they already do with tunnels , boats and by simply overstaying in the US

Open thread, Nov. 7 - Nov. 13, 2016

and 2 libertarians so what is your problem , dude? They're all 4 equilibrate people regardless of where they stand politically , the same could not be said for a guy who spent 5 millions dollars for having his bathroom plated in gold and sexually assaults women given that you're so concerned about rapists

Also this

And this

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