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New guy here.

Problem #1: You have no structure to understand what is, and what is not, stupid. Without some pre-agreed idea of what stupid is, you're arguing about feelings. It's like you and I arguing if the color is maroon or burgundy. Pointless and ungrounded.

Problem #2: Related to #1. What is intelligence? Are you intelligent if you can do calculus in your head but can't figure out how to change a spark plug? A light bulb? How about if you're Steven Hawking smart but have never kissed a girl? Or a boy, I don't judge. Intelligence is just another way of saying someone is narrow and excusing some other deficiency. My brother is a talented musician but don't ask him to balance your checkbook. Is he smart or dumb?

Let me help out here. This conversation has the tone of freshman high school lunch at the mean girls table.

The best framework for what is objectively stupid is in four quadrants; (Down) behavior which is harmful to society AND to the individual. (Up) Behavior which is beneficial to society and the individual (Left) Behavior which is harmful to society and beneficial to the individual 'think theft' (right) Behavior which is beneficial to society and harmful to the individual 'extreme altruism'.

Down in this example is the only vector of legit stupidity. All others are rational choices. The fact that you don't like the choices, or appreciate the logic has no bearing on the wisdom or folly. A bank robber who is harmful to society and beneficial to himself is not stupid even if he gets caught. He had his reasons, he took his risks, they didn't play out.