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Bug: The "Load all comments" link doesn't work

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Agreed, it's also Eliezer's super-villain fetish thing.

> A possibility that the paper does not raise is that instead of calculating the actual wealth held by the actual top 1%, you could estimate the Gini coefficient from the whole population, and calculate a theoretical 1% wealth.

Taleb would probably object on the grounds that the above will lead mis...(read more)

> Since you started this sub-thread and are clearly still following it, are you going to retract your claims that CRU predicted "no more snow in Britain" or that Hansen predicted Manhattan would be underwater by now?

I was going from memory, now that I've tracked down the actual links I'd modify th...(read more)

I can only comment on the graphs which they themselves chose to plot in 2009. Snowfall was not one of those graphs (whereas it was in 2006).

Interesting. I wonder why they're no longer plotting some trends. Maybe because it's too hard to fit them into their preferred narrative.

> Nobody thinks the Bailiwick of Guernsey is a country, and yet .gg exists.

Well, it's sufficiently independent of the UK to function as a tax haven. It's definitely one of those entities that's on the fuzzy boundary between country and non-country, along with Hong Kong and (in a slightly differen...(read more)

I can't recall anyone calling Hong Kong a country.

Well ICANN for starters.

> Liberals would tell a story where things are reversed and class is causal of the pathology- they would say the economic changes that have occurred for the last few decades have increased 'economic uncertainty' for the lower class (for some measure of uncertainty.) which has lead to marital stress ...(read more)

[Here]( is the article I linked to above. Note that it implies a different conclusion about recent temperature trends. Do you have any evidence for preferring your letter to the editor over the article Eric discusses besides it confirming your pre-existing belief?

>...(read more)

Well, climate "scientists" are always warning that global warming will lead to disasters that didn't happen during the medieval warm period, so presumably they're predicting temperature increases larger than that. (Ok, they also like to pretend the medieval warm period didn't exist.)

> Yes, some global warming believers have made predictions that have been falsified, but "inevitably fail to occur" is wrong. Here's a counterexample.

The only example of a successful prediction in your article is a rise in "mean surface temperature" which as I mentioned in the grand-parent is not ...(read more)