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Adding Up To Normality

I like this post.

promise yourself to keep steering the plane mostly as normal while you think about lift

This is a good, short, memorable proverb to remember the point of the post by.

Go F*** Someone

Ach, nuts. I even spent a minute trying to understand where I'd gone wrong, reasoning that it wasn't all that likely that Jacob's post would contain something as strange as the thing I thought I was seeing. Oh well.

Go F*** Someone
Leftists blame loneliness on capitalism — single people buy twice as many toasters, sex toys, and Netflix subscriptions.

I know you aren't saying you agree with this logic, but I'll just point out that in the case of toasters and Netflix subscriptions, there's a much more obvious explanation, which is that a couple living together only needs one toaster between them, so on average they only buy .5 toasters each.


I was wondering what people would think of that. I chose this name because it "seemed cool", which I put in quotes because it refers to a specific kind of feeling that I can't really articulate. Short titles often give me this feeling.

If you think it's too short (eg, it seems spammy or you think it might annoy other users to see it) then let me know and I'll be happy to come up with something that gives a better idea of what the post is about.

reducing those small frictions result in much more notes and less disruption of the current task, you think of something, a note is added in a few seconds and you can continue working on.

I upvoted for this snippet because it's an important aspect of the situation that I forgot to call out in the main post.

Would you mind sharing your code?

Sure! This one is actually a one-liner: it's simply "gedit ~/Documents/lists/$1", which you put in a file called "l" in your ~/bin/ directory. If you prefer a different editor, you can swap out "gedit" for "emacs" or the command used to launch whatever editor you like. (This advice is directed at others reading this comment chain, you probably already know how to do that.)

I found that using some keybindings to rely solely on the keyboard also made a good improvement.

That's a good idea. I currently have a piece of software that I use to type diacritics (for Toaq) but I'm not super happy with it — it kind of bugs out on occasion and can be slow to insert the characters I want. The software I'm using is AutoKey. What do you use? Are you happy with it?

I recommend also implementing some scripts to search on the web [...]

This is also a good idea. I'm pretty fast at typing and pretty slow with the mouse, so I'd probably instead make a macro for "prompt me for a search key, open a new tab, search that thing, then take me back to the tab I was in before".


Thanks for the link. Your guess is right: from a cursory glance it looks like this software would be a bit too heavyweight for my purposes. But, I bet somebody will benefit from seeing this.

"You can't possibly succeed without [My Pet Issue]"

I automatically admire anybody whose first thought when encountering a new bias is to search for it in themselves.

Bíos brakhús

This is a good point. I'd do well to remember that repeated phrases stick in the mind: I'm currently on a bit of a reification spree where I'm giving names to a whole bunch of personal concepts (like moods, mental tools, etc) and since I would like these phrases to stick in the mind I think I shall repeat them.

Raemon's Scratchpad

I think I prefer the status quo design, but not very strongly. Between the two designs pictured here, I at first preferred the one where the authors weren't bolded, but now I think I prefer the one where the whole line is bolded, since "[insert author whose posts I enjoy] has posted something" is as newsworthy as "there's a post called [title I find enticing]".

Something I've noticed about myself is that I tend to underestimate how much I can get used to things, so I might end up just as happy with whichever design is chosen.

Affordance Widths
The notoriety of the author

I'm out of the loop here -- what happened with ialdabaoth?

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