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Privacy vs proof of character

the paucity of scenarios where such a proof would be desired (either due to a lack of importance of such character, or a lack of relevant doubt),

(or by differing opinion of what counts as desirable character!)

Privacy vs proof of character

To summarize: a binary property P is either discernable (can't keep your status private) or not (can't prove your status).

Remember that to value something infinitely is usually to give it a finite dollar value

It seems like "agent X puts a particular dollar value on human life" might be ambiguous between "agent X acts as though human lives are worth exactly N dollars each" and "agent X's internal thoughts explicitly assign a dollar value of N to a human life". I wonder if that's causing some confusion surrounding this topic. (I didn't watch the linked video.)

Chinese History

I haven't read the post, but I thought I should let you know that several questions have answers that are not spoiler'd.

Speedrunning my Morning Makes the Coffee Taste Weird

(The glitch exploits a subpixel misalignment present in about 0.1% of Toyota cars and is extremely difficult to execute even if you know you have a car with the alignment issue right in front of you.)

Speedrunning my Morning Makes the Coffee Taste Weird

If you think traffic RNG is bad in the Glitchless category, you should watch someone streaming any% attempts. The current WR has a three-mile damage boost glitch that skips the better part of the commute, saving 13 minutes, and the gal who got it had to grind over 14k attempts for it (about a dozen of them got similar boosts but died on impact).

Image vs. Impact: Can public commitment be counterproductive for achievement?

Your comment blew my mind.

Alternative: write important things many times.

Speedrunning my Morning Makes the Coffee Taste Weird

Nice time. Here are some thoughts for possible additional timesaves:

  • Wake your partner up before even putting the coffee on so she can be a little more awake when she's helping with your hair.
  • Sleep in your work clothes to skip the part where you get dressed.
  • Drive 20-30mph over the speed limit. (This is probably best as an IL strat, since if you crash or get pulled over then the run is pretty much dead.)

If you manage to get all these in a run, then depending on the length of your commute I think you'll be able to gold this split by 5-10 more minutes.

Ways of being with you

This reminds me of something I thought of a while back, that I'd like to start doing again now that I've remembered it. Whenever I sense myself getting unfairly annoyed at someone (which happens a lot) I try to imagine that I'm watching a movie in which that person is the protagonist. I imagine that I know what their story and struggles are, and that I'm rooting for them every step of the way. Now that I'm getting into fiction writing, I might also try imagining that I'm writing them as a character, which has the same vibe as the other techniques. The one time I've actually tried this so far, it worked really well!

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