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The life hygiene issues of exercise, sunshine, good sleep, social support are all helpful in getting stuff done.

Beyond that, don't rely exclusively on your working memory for keeping track of all of the things you need to do. You are already taxing that with learning, and offloading everything you can to external aids is helpful (todo lists, experimental journals, daily 3 page mind-dump journaling). A regular review cycle of what you have written can give you a sense of accomplishment, which can be lacking in multi-year projects with few intermediate wins. Count volume of output as a goal, and use beeminder or something similar to remind you to track it, and show you what you have accomplished (pages written, commits made, hours worked...).

I switched from an espresso machine, to a Clever dripper. The coffee tastes great, and is much simpler to clean up.

That advice is reasonable. The hospital/Doctor may be able to refer you to a local Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course. Many people find the social support of meditating in a group, helpful.

I hope you make a speedy recovery to full health, XiXiDu.

That is a hard thing you've done well. For all the people who will never thank you for this, I thank you.

I'd be interested in participating in this, though would prefer a video conference meetup, to a face to face one.

The topic is likely to be of wide interest beyond Colorado, and that format would allow for wider participation.

An external view of your life and health, from a trusted professional, may help you identify causes of your discomfort and, most importantly, strategies to improve your life.

Encourage creative projects, which build skill and accomplishment, and create opportunities to meet people who share common interests.

This sounds delicious and fun. You may want to put the City in the title.

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