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Dark Arts of Rationality

I've found myself to be overly drawn to the dark arts in general. Whether it's the idea of becoming a Dark Lord, a sith, or using self-deception to achieve my goals (or just my desires). What feels somewhat related is that I am terrified that I would take the option of "blissing out" if it were available. Realizing I am like this and that I need to compensate is all that kept me away from becoming a drug addict.

On first reading this post, my reaction was extreme eagerness. I thought of dozens of applications before I was done reading. I have done the things described, largely intuitively, before ever starting a journey as a rationalist. But after taking a deep breath and saying, "Whoa now," to myself... I think I need to walk away and not think about this until I've worked on myself a bit more.

What makes me uncomfortable is not the suggestions, it's how perfectly comfortable I am with them.

2013 Survey Results

It was interesting to see how very average I am (as a member of Less Wrong). My feelings of being an outsider (here at least) have diminished.

I've also resolved to do two things this year, thanks in part to this survey: 1) sign the hell up for cryonics already and 2) take a professional IQ test.

For cryonics, the number of yeses compared to the number who want to or are still considering is a bit of a wake-up call for me.

2013 Less Wrong Census/Survey

130 at bare minimum is what I think to myself, but the higher the better. It feels shallow to admit that.

2013 Less Wrong Census/Survey

I answered everything I could. I wish I could have put what my IQ is, but I've never taken an official test. I'm not sure I want to know what my IQ really is. If it's lower than I want, I think I'll feel inferior, envious, and generally frustrated that I can't do much to improve it.

Effective Rationality Training Online

"Contributors would, at the very least, need to be familiar with how to write articles using a skill acquisition process agreed upon by the entire community."

Are you talking about a process for acquiring rationality skills or writing skills? Requiring an entire community to agree on how to write something seems to indicate the whole community would be qualified to do the writing...

Bureaucracies are really bad about actually getting anything done. Beware of that.

More "Stupid" Questions

I'm only talking about myers briggs here, but I'm really confused about why you say the tests seem to work. They don't seem to work to me. I can get any of handful of different results and so can many people I know. Not only that, but I've studied the underlying theory enough to know that a lot of people I've met who only go by the tests are mistyped. They don't even know what the letters mean. They don't know if they use extroverted or introverted thinking/intuition/feeling/sensing. They think that if they're smart, they have to have a T in their type.

Crossing the experiments: a baby

"All else being equal, creating new lives would be a bad thing"

Is negative utilitarianism the idea that we should minimize pain? And a new life will undoubtedly experience some degree of pain and suffering?

Is there any good PR for negative utilitarianism out there? Or some reading that you would recommend on it?

Welcome to Less Wrong! (6th thread, July 2013)

Digging through the survey, I'm surprised to see Myers Briggs types listed. I was wondering if LWers considered it to be pseudoscience before I even saw the question.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (6th thread, July 2013)

I wouldn't assume about the ones that aren't actual names. But I also wouldn't have guessed the number was as low as 10%!

Welcome to Less Wrong! (6th thread, July 2013)

I do have a pair of Vibrams! The sprint model. Those and flip flops are all I wear.

I'm not sure how to turn most of the epiphanies into actions. But I try to think of examples of how myself or others have failed at a particular aspect of it. Is that what you mean by reactions? I'm the type of person to read it all as fast as possible and then go back and try to implement specific actions during a reread. Although some of the general frame of mind is already rubbing off on me I think.

Thank you for the suggestion about CFAR. I will be looking into it.

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