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Maybe this is a silly question I should already know the answer to and/or not quite appropriate for this thread, but I can't think of anywhere better to ask. Apologies also if it was already directly addressed.

What's the point of suppressing discussion of certain concepts for fear of a superintelligent AI discovering them? Isn't it implicit that said superintelligent AI will independently figure out anything we humans have come up with? Furthermore, what was said in Roko's post will exist forever; the idea was released to the interwebs and its subsequent banning can't undo this.

Hello ~

I've been reading this site for several months, but I still feel unqualified to actually post anything. I've yet to entirely read all of the sequences, and I also lack the math/science background that appears to be relatively common here (I'm an industrial design student). As a result I'm (perhaps excessively) wary of posting something that's redundant or has a glaring flaw I ought to have been aware of.

Thanks for giving an excuse to make a first post, though.