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How's the case for wearing googles for COVID-19 protection when in public transportation?

As far as I know, no literature is out designating infection to exposure in the eye. Regular mask usage would not protect you as much as proper sanitation would. I wouldn't recommend public transportation but obviously, different circumstances (financial and what not) predispose people to choose a certain mode of transport. I would recommend Uber or some other form of isolated travel for the duration of this coronavirus scare.

Eight Short Studies On Excuses

I don't seem to understand the atheist examples. I understand that it seems as though the religions hold a special society in society due to their establishment in temporality and rituals, and the overall indoctrination that religions have on civilisation development but wouldn't it rather stated to be true that religions are, in effect, just cults that are 'old enough and respectable enough' that at one point where created to benefit from some archaic law? In that sense, would it not ring true that religions are essentially flawed and should not be given special standing in modern theocracy?