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2013 Less Wrong Census/Survey

Taken. Now self-consciously thinking up some witty comment, because I am in more of an introvert state right now.

Meetup : Berlin Social Meetup

I am in Berlin today and would like to attend the meetup. In case you see my application to the group or this comment just before the meetup, I would appreciate a private message to learn about the location.

Sorry for my late registration attempt to the mailing list, but it just came to my mind a few minutes ago that there might be meetups in Berlin these days. Usually I attend the meetups in Bielefeld/Paderborn. I also speak German, by the way :-) Hope I will still be able to attend today.

Meetup : Padeborn Meetup May 8th

I will attend. See you in a few minutes :-)

Meetup : Bielefeld Meetup April 17th

I will attend. Also, I am prepared to talk in a highly interesting way :-)

Meetup : Padeborn Meetup April 3th

I will be there. It is 7pm summer time, right? My browser shows it as 06:00:00PM (+0100).

Meetup : Paderborn Meetup, January 9th

I will attend and look forward to the meetup!

Meetup : Bielefeld Meetup, January 2nd

I will attend and look forward to it.

Meetup : Paderborn Meetup, December 19th

I will attend, and look forward to it!

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