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This comment is followed by my previous one. I can't make a chain comment due to multiple downvotes. I am not trying to be disrespectful. I was raising a genuine question. I thought Effective Altruism was all about humanity saving people from diseases and famine. I am still trying to understand what Transhumanism is for. If you seek immortality while others try to save miserable lives from poverty, diseases, lack of water, and so on, are you assuming that the resources we have on our earth is limitless? They are not. We don't even have to go to poverty-striken countries in Africa. If China enlarges their middle class, you will already feel the world resources being absorbed to one huge country. We will be in trouble with our population. It is still growing and the spectrum of inequality still makes pursuit of immortality a selfish choice.

Dogs are incredibly good at perceiving through their nose. They smell almost everything around them including other species' old feces. Some dogs even eat their own. A lot of smells must be something unbearable with human nose but they take them well. If their physical mechanism enables them to embrace all kinds of disgusting smells with less rejection, I think the same mechanism also makes the nature of dogs more tolerant and altruistic than that of human being who are easily disgusted. Dogs are overall just nice : )


The correlation between income and social value

Your explanation on the above conflicts the experience I've had with the finance sectors who have caused the 2008 Financial Crisis and bankers' fiesta with bailouts unless I'm misunderstanding the definition of 'social value'. I believe the career still is a good option for those earning to give because of the exceptional amount of money people can make, which more than sets off against the socially widespread negative view for financiers if the use of earnings aims at saving the world.

I believe the best example of 'fake numbers' may be the measurement of IQ. The problem of this sort of fake numbers is that it is not certain to tell whether IQ really represents our true intellectual being but people still use it to be judgmental or even to justify their study not knowing when to stop to regard it as a simple reference.

Fake numbers seem to prevail in our professional life as companies do quantify people's labor thanks to technology. They might be good estimates but that kind of numerical fixation affects people's mind tremendously so that the moment the numbers are revealed it now controls the people. It won't stay as a mere measurement reflecting the phenomena it gathered.