Rationalism before the Sequences

As a teenager totally unattached to the larger software community (and open source, until years later), the New Hacker's DIctionary and the appended stories, along with Stoll's Cuckoo's Egg were formative for me. I had absolutely no contact with this culture, but I knew I wanted in. Finding that it overlaps with LessWrong, which I found independently later on, honestly feels bizarre.

Now I'm wondering if it's less that hacker culture as presented in those stories was attractive to me in itself, than if there was a common factor shining through. Interesting people, reasonable people...!

Collapse Postulates

Information storage and processing are plausibly the only truly universal currency, and the one thing that will always be scarce.

Sleeping Julia: Empirical support for thirder argument in the Sleeping Beauty Problem

Easily solved: The original experiment tries to make it about anthropic bias by talking about probability, which is ambiguous. But simply pay Sleeping Beauty money based on the correctness of her answer, and the anthropic bias will disappear as it becomes clear that the only relevant question is "are you paying per question or for the whole experiment."

Beliefs should pay rent!

Philosophy in the Darkest Timeline: Basics of the Evolution of Meaning

Fair enough - it's probably good to have it in writing. But this seems to me like the sort of explanation that is "the only possible way it could conceivably work." How could we bootstrap language learning if not for our existing, probably-inherent faculty for correlating classifiers over the the environment? Once you say "I want to teach something the meaning of a word, but the only means I have to transmit information to them is present them with situations and have them make inferences"… there almost isn't anything to add to this. The question already seems to contain the only possible answer.

Maybe you need to have read Through the Looking Glass?

Philosophy in the Darkest Timeline: Basics of the Evolution of Meaning

I thought this was the standard theory of meaning that everyone already believed.

Is there anyone who doesn't know this?

The One Mistake Rule

But to be fair, if you then fixed the model to output errors once you exceeded the speed of light, as the post recommends, you would have come up with a model that actually communicated a deep truth. There's no reason a model has to be continuous, after all.

Predictors exist: CDT going bonkers... forever

Since when does CDT include backtracking on noticing other people's predictive inconsistency? And, I'm not sure that any such explicitly iterative algorithm would be stable.

  1. The CDT agent considers making the decision to say “one” but notices that Omega’s prediction aligns with its actions.

This is the key. You're not playing CDT here, you're playing "human-style hacky decision theory." CDT cannot notice that Omega's prediction aligns with its hypothetical decision because Omega's prediction is causally "before" CDT's decision, so any causal decision graph cannot condition on it. This is why post-TDT decision theories are also called "acausal."

The "Commitment Races" problem

True, sorry, I forgot the whole set of paradoxes that led up to FDT/UDT. I mean something like... "this is equivalent to the problem that FDT/UDT already has to solve anyways." Allowing you to make exceptions doesn't make your job harder.

The "Commitment Races" problem

I concur in general, but:

you might accidentally realize that such-and-such type of agent will threaten you regardless of what you commit to and then if you are a coward you will “give in” by making an exception for that agent.

this seems like a problem for humans and badly-built AIs. Nothing that reliably one-boxes should ever do this.

Meta-discussion from "Circling as Cousin to Rationality"

I don't think it's so implausible for some people to be significantly more baffled by some things that we must interpret it as an attack. An unusually large imposition of costs is not inherently an attack! May as well blame the disabled for dastardly forcing us to waste money on wheelchair ramps.

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