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It's worth noting that although this teaches the rules in a intuitive fashion, I think this may encourage people to form a two eye stronghold - and then sit back happy with a tie. Though perhaps this is hard to get on such a small board. Or even this is the concept you want to teach!

Another scoring option could be to use the Stone Counting variant, where whoever has most stones on the board at the end is the winner.

More general comments about teaching go: I would encourage skipping 9x9 for teaching, I found that this doesn't really give a sense of territory and instead making one mistake often costs you the game.

Sensei's Library also has some collated thoughts from people on board sizes, and some other different variants for teaching

Hey Yair, I would highly suggest reading the Brian Tomasik articles under Lukas Gloor's comment on this. But you may also be interested in articles discussing '[Logic of the Larder]('. Initially when used would suggest cases of farmed animal welfare being directly positive, the farmed animals have a life better than not worth living. However, with time it has also been used to discuss that farmed animal land-use is counter-factually positive for animals on-net.

I would like to espouse strong encouragement for people to try out latkes!

Try adding onions and smoked paprika if you're getting tired of boring ones. They're especially good with substitute vegan sour creme and/or pickled veg (eg. sauerkraut)

From a quick glimpse over these, seems like most aren't willing to make such a drastic gameplay change as fully changing the second half :( I think BGG often falls into this trap of not willing to suggest bolder changes.

Two people touch upon variants with changes second stage:
 - [Galaxy Trucker should be simply a racing game](*
 - [Cooperative Variant for Younger Kids](

*Assuming from name only and replies. Unfortunately original post is gone and web.archive is down right now.

There are also a couple of games who explicitly state they borrow from Glory to Rome, if you're looking for a similar experience:

Typo? s/winkle/wrinkle
> the situation is similar but with an extra winkle.