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Thank you for sharing this. I was a teachers aid at a Women’s Prison in AZ. I instructed Woman who tested below the 8th grade level in Reading and Language. There were other classes for getting a high school “equivalent” diploma or GED and that so called diploma will get you top pay at 30 cents per hour! *after a year. I was a prisoner and the class room had air conditioning so I walked in the classroom and said “I’ll teach anything but Math”. Every inmate is tested upon arrival at prison. If you have a high school diploma or GED you are able to make 20 cents per hour instead of 10 cents. (Ten pennys) Woman were required to spend half of their day in class until they acquired that (in my opinion) worthless GED. The real value in Education is that these were mostly semi illiterate Women who had kids. They felt really bad about not being able to teach or help with homework. I counted my blessings daily. The worst part of Prison was no Air Conditioning in the summer (in Goodyear Arizona.) Horrible healthcare that I fortunately never needed and getting stripped searched twice a day. My only mission going in was to keep my teeth so I planned to keep my mouth shut and read books. It worked. The other inmates were actually warm and welcoming, Each one had been a new inmate once upon a time. I was expecting Shawshank Redemption. There were opportunities for employment that was basically telemarketing training and those Women were also financially exploited in my opinion. I had a job outside the Prison for a few weeks detailing cars on an assembly line for the auto auction. They kept telling me to go faster. “It does not have to be perfect” did not compute. I made $3 per hour and the Prison “held”$2 in “retention”. In my case it went toward my “Gate Fee” of $100 in 2017. They don’t want to throw you out in the desert with no money. They save your money for you and keep the interest. If you have a good $4 per hour job they make you pay rent and utilities. Rent to be in Prison to live in a giant airplane hanger in the desert with 60 other Women. Work in State Prison is Mandatory. When you are a Felon you will Never get housing or employment once you serve your time. All applications are rejected by algorithms. Prison was easy compared to the private school I attended as a Teenager. You do not need your Brain in State Prison. You have absolutely no decisions to make. You are told what to do and how to do it. I was not there long enough to do what I usually do. (Advocate for Human Rights) I was able to educate a few seriously over medicated young Women into ditching their brain disabling neurotoxins before permanent damage was done. All institutions are abusive by nature and in America 200,00 Children are living in unregulated out of home placements “Congregate Care”that are absolutely unacceptable abusive Hellholes. Nail Salons have more regulations. These Children turn 18 and are thrown away like garbage. You can find them in Prison or on Porn Hhb.