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The Point of Trade

First: I'm also thinking of 'getting paid for a job' as a trade, fundamentally it's 'generating value' for money. It's similar with most investment opportunities: they either provide (immediate) value or have the capability to generate value. This will stay at least until no one needs that anymore, maybe because everyone is being administered by an AGI and robots, so no one has to work.

Second: Sharing fruits of labor/economies of scale. Basically the physicalized version of 'expertise sharing', e.g. I'm going to build your house while you're out working, because I already have the trucks and everything ready and planned out. Will stay until we're in the simulation, and we don't have to care about (most) physical stuff.

Third: Rare Materials. Or rather: unequal distribution of resources (like food or diamonds). Even if we have the same preferences, we unlikely have the same access.

Fourth: Access to leisure experiences. If I want to go to a space hotel, that requires a few people working together for that, and not everyone has access to it or can offer it. So I'll have to trade my leftover 'generating value'-payment (subtracting costs for living and others) somehow to pay for their generated value - me being able to see outside a mostly black and very cold window. Same with sailing or other, someone owns the boat, someone owns the haven, they provide value for you so you've got to pay them.

The Apprentice Thread

[APPRENTICE] for character development / lessons for life. Not sure what exactly I expect, but I want to create workshops about these things eventually, as my contribution to raising the sanity waterline. I still have a lot of learning to do first, so I'm asking for an opportunity to do so.

What do I mean exactly: Basic useful skills like public speaking, charisma, communication (speech & text), financial intelligence, self-, and project management, teamwork-skills, leadership, and whatever else a 'master' would have at least a basic understanding and capability of. I'd be thrilled if you can just take on a single one I mentioned, or anything else I didn't.

The Apprentice Thread

[APPRENTICE] for anything biology-related. Bonus for working in bioinformatics or simulating (metabolic) pathways. Also interested in joining some startup doing work in this area.

I'm doing a computer science master’s degree and visiting introductory biology lectures on the side, I'd love to build up on those. Additionally, I'm getting deeper in ML and simulation, and would be interested in applying it to biological data. I am currently reading a number of biology papers for creating a presentation which is to be held next month.

Variables Don't Represent The Physical World (And That's OK)

The fish-weight example was intuitive for me, but the temperature one wasn't. Slightly reformulating the thoughts in my head:

  1. of course temperature measurement is local
  2. that's what temperature is, I don't care about the many possible distributions, only about the current local sample. That's what's affecting things around me, not some hypothetical distribution that isn't instantiated right now.

Maybe you wanted to make a different point here, and I didn't get it?

Variables Don't Represent The Physical World (And That's OK)

Sample-mean is not distribution-mean.

This is my key-takeaway from this post, thank you for writing it.

The Apprentice Experiment

Awesome! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!

The Apprentice Experiment

From here, the plan is for Aysajan to spend the next few months working on the sorts of projects I worked on before focusing on alignment full time - the sorts of projects which I expect to build skills for solving problems-we-don’t-understand.

What kind of projects/problems are you thinking about? This might become a very valuable community resource, even for those of us without your guidance.

The Economics of Media

I used to read a newspaper daily for half an hour during breakfast. At some point I read https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/DSzpr8Y9299jdDLc9/cardiologists-and-chinese-robbers and haven't touched a newspaper for more than reading specific recommended articles since.

What does the FDA actually do between getting the trial results and having their meeting?

Related: Zvi had some notes on the general FDA approval process in his last COVID-Situation-update-post, regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine: https://www.lesswrong.com/s/rencyawwfr4rfwt5C/p/PQACEuWpkSyRgHC4p#Waiting_on_AstraZeneca 

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