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I think the percentages of 'successful' LW readers need to be recalculated. What percentage of LW readers were in the SSC survey, but started reading LW after the most profitable window for buying bitcoin had already passed? What percentage were students with no spare funds in 2011, or otherwise had too little risk tolerance to invest?

I started reading LW in 2014, took the advice of the 2015 post to the extent I could, but was only able to make a little money because I didn't have any savings and 1 bitcoin was worth $200. Later, I heard about ethereum very early on from a friend who bought a bunch and was interested in investing myself, but was in the midst of a job transition where I again had no spare cash to invest. I only reported having acquired about $1000 from crypto on the survey, but I count myself as having done about as well as I could have, given circumstances and timing.

The only reason I see blue when I look up during the daytime at something higher than a ceiling, an airplane, or a cloud, is because the atmosphere is composed of reflective blue material (air) intervening between me and the darkness of space. I would still like an explanation from the great-great-grandparent as to what constitutes 'turning the sky green'.

Nevermind - I thought I'd found a site that would flip a coin and save the result with a timestamp.

Why hasn't anybody made this yet?

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Yes, it's a timed essay.

Survey taken! Can't wait to see the results.

I used top-to-bottom, but dires first on each level, and that seemed to work consistently pretty well.

Or he's telling us that Quirrell is playing the role of someone who is on the verge of dying.

I didn't intend to devolve into platitudes; sorry if that happened anyway. I was just trying to relate your comment to the general topic.

What this means is that we should teach the kids what they can and can't change about those things, and how to change them (via hard work), instead of continuing to teach them that appearance and intelligence are completely fixed, and then rewarding them for those traits anyway.

Data point: your final paragraph is an accurate description of my expercience as well.

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