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Do you have a link to some well-written material on the subject? You've piqued my curiosity.

You are right. Thank you for pointing that out, you have helped me improve.

The amount of will necessary to close a window is itself trivial, if will can indeed be considered a resource to be spent.


Shouldn't rational individuals be able to avoid such perils?

Even the typing style of this message makes it sound irrational. Were you joking?

I think it would help.

I declare Crocker's Rules.

My mistake, I was referring to the Edward Tufte stuff. Thank you for correcting me.


I'd say the initial comment probably was worthy of the downvote, but the rest weren't.

I've had drops of 5 or 6 karma at a time as someone goes through and downvotes all my comments in a particular thread, but I think that's the price we have to pay; by and large, the karma system here seems to work very well, and provides a very useful method of gauging posts.

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