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I really relate to your description of inattentive ADHD and the associated degradation of life. Have you found anything to help with that?

What would you mean by 'stays at human level?' I assume this isn't going to be any kind of self-modifying?

What does it mean for an AI to 'become self aware?' What does that actually look like?

Is there reason to believe 1000 Einsteins in a box is possible?

You need to think about your real options and expected value of behavior. If we're in a world where technology allows for a fast takeoff world and alignment is hard, (EY World) I imagine the odds of survival with company acceleration is 0% and the odds of survival without is 1%.

But if we live in a world where compute/capital/other overhangs are a significant influence in AI capabilities and alignment is just tricky, company acceleration would seem like it could improve the chances of survival pretty significantly, maybe from 5% to 50%.

These obviously aren't the only two possible worlds, but if they were and both seemed equally likely, I would strongly prefer a policy of company acceleration because the EV for me breaks down way better over the probabilities.

I guess 'company acceleration' doesn't convey as much information or sell as well which is why people don't use that phrase, but that's the policy they're advocating for- not 'hoping really hard that we're in a slow takeoff world.'

That seems like a useful heuristic-

I also think there's an important distinction between using links in a debate frame and in a sharing frame.

I wouldn't be bothered at all by a comment using acronyms and links, no matter how insular, if the context was just 'hey this reminds me of HDFT and POUDA,' a beginner can jump off of that and get down a rabbit hole of interesting concepts.

But if you're in a debate frame, you're introducing unnecessary barriers to discussion which feel unfair and disqualifying. At its worst it would be like saying: 'youre not qualified to debate until you read these five articles.'

In a debate frame I don't think you should use any unnecessary links or acronyms at all. If you're linking a whole article it should be because it's necessary for them to read and understand the whole article for the discussion to continue and it cannot be summarized.

I think I have this principle because in my mind you cannot not debate so therefore you have to read all the links and content included, meaning that links in a sharing context are optional but in a debate context they're required.

I think on a second read your comment might have been more in the 'sharing' frame than I originally thought, but to the extent you were presenting arguments I think you should maximize legibility, to the point of only including links if you make clear contextually or explicitly to what degree the link is optional or just for reference.

This is a fantastic project! Focus on providing value and marketing, and I really think this could be something big.

LessWrong continues to be nonserious. Is there some sort of policy against banning schizophrenic people in case that encourages them somehow? 

AND conducted research on various topics

Wow that's impressive.

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