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[Request] Software or Articles on financial life planning

As a Certified Financial Planner, I'm authorized to give planning advice for Canadians, but not outside Canada. That's one reason why I must emphasize that what I'm going to say here is not advice; an even more important reason is that I have no idea about your circumstances, therefore couldn't give advice even if you're Canadian, ... so take it with appropriate caution and level of generality. Having said that, I think I may be able to give you some food for thought.

You're asking for software and articles. On my site you can find a lot that I believe is worth reading/watching. In addition to, perhaps the most useful would be if you checked out these pages from the page (sorry for the not working links that are supposed to join them, ... I've just noticed that they need some fine-tuning; it makes sense to start with the bottom one and move up from there on the list):

Set out to be more self reliant

Allocate assets and products, and more kinds of them, wisely

Learn lessons of the past, and from long term running of numbers

Creative play with widely different planning scenarios

Four useful avenues

A few straight talking pundits

Why listen to me? … take it as chest thumping if you want

It's a huge amount of materials, ... I'm quite sure you'll not do more than skim it, so here are some short&direct answers to your question: Check out these two other websites:

1, - explore Verne Wheelwright's site, read his book and articles, use his free workbook

2, - read Jim Otar's book and other writings, and get acquainted with his software.

Good luck!