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Covid 9/9: Passing the Peak

Anyone has a good list of similar blogs dealing with COVID incidence and preventative measures in different parts of the globe?

Manindra Agrawal (of AKS Primality test fame) has some interesting simulations for India, but I'm interested to see if there's others for other regions.

Long Covid Is Not Necessarily Your Biggest Problem

Isn't the more likely reason that about 75% of people in Uttar Pradesh had already been exposed to the virus or vaccinated by late July, as shown by the national serological survey findings?

Other north indian states also show similar drastic drops, and I doubt all of them administered prophylactic invermectin.

Covid 5/13: Moving On 

In Singapore, the B1617 variant seems to be the cause of a recent spike in cases, owing to a cluster at the airport from foreign arrivals, despite most airport employees being fully vaccinated. Contact tracing has also become much harder because high vaccination rates could presumably mean more carriers are asymptomatic.

Curious to see how the spread of this variant would affect US reopening plans.