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My vision of a good future, part I

Almost impossible to imagine something that good happening, but just because you can't imagine it doesn't mean it's really impossible.

AGI alignment with what?

The most naive possible answer is that by law any future AI should be designed to be part of human society. 

What about transhumans and beyond?

Ditto, except I'd be delighted with a copy and delete option, if such an inconceivably complex technology were available.

The Track Record of Futurists Seems ... Fine

Aerospace predictions were too optimistic: 

Clarke predicted intercontinental hypersonic airliners in the 1970s ("Death and the Senator" 1961) . Heinlein predicted a base on Pluto established in the year 2000. Asimov only predicted suborbital space flights at very low acceleration that casual day tourists would line up to take from New York in the 1990s, but also sentient non-mobile talking robots and non-talking sentient mobile robots by that decade. Robert Forward predicted in the novel Rocheworld (1984) that the first unmanned space probe would return pictures from Barnard's Star in 2022 (though the images wouldn't arrive back on Earth till 2028). 

On the flip side: 

Clarke predicted in "Childhood's End" that it would take extensive searching through a specialized library (where you had to make an appointment through your university and show up in person)  just to identify an astronomical catalog number in the 21st century. It would also take VERY expensive computer time with a worldwide waiting list to analyze the trajectory of a comet-like object in the novel "Rendezvous with Rama". That's because comets follow complex hyperbolic trajectories that require calculus far too difficult for humans to solve with pen and paper.

Open & Welcome Thread - July 2022

I'm completely opposed to any type of censorship whatsoever, but this site might have two restrictions:

  • Descriptions of disruptive or dangerous new technology that might threaten mankind
  • Politically or socially controversial speech considered beyond the pale by the majority of members or administrators
Who is this MSRayne person anyway?

The Flag Land Base is an actual real-life example of an alignment failure you can visit and see with your own eyes (from the outside only). Scientology itself could be seen as an early and primitive "utility monster". 

Who is this MSRayne person anyway?

I agree with everything in this post!

Who is this MSRayne person anyway?

Good advice but I recommend against dating apps unless you look like a celebrity.

  • EDIT: of course the above advice against dating sites only applies if you're male.
Open & Welcome Thread - July 2022

I believe it should be possible at every Lesswrong post to make "low quality" comments that would be automatically hidden at the bottom of each comment section, underneath the "serious" comments. So you would have to click on them to make them visible. Such comments would be automatically given -100 points, but in a way that doesn't count against the poster's "account karma". The only requirement would be that the commenter should genuinely believe they're making a true statement. Replies to such comments would be similarly hidden. Also certain types of "unacceptable" speech could be banned by the site. This would stimulate out-of-the-box discussion and brainstorming.

Limits of Bodily Autonomy

This post is about the limits of bodily autonomy. My reply is about the unexpected and disruptive ways these will be extended.

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