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I would love to exchange ideas and try to improve my rationality with less “advanced” people, wondering if anyone would have recommendations.

Same challenge here. The average level of the contributions on LW seems very high to me too. I struggle to find the right fit for me, the correct difficulty setting, half-way between the average "easy" and LW "god mode", haha

I agree (given the negative score of your comment) that this is a bit out of topic, or that it should be reframed to fit the given problematic.

But I wanted to extend my sympathies to you. I lost 2 amazing grand-parents during the first lockdown. Couldn't see them during the weeks they were ill. I was lucky to be able to get a few minutes with the coffins before they got cremated. That period was very rough for all of my family. Good luck, I hope you and your father get out of this safe and sound.