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I should give me two cents in here, but know that I am new here, and may not be completely accurate as of now. I read this over, and a few comments, and took into consideration most of your views

To me this is a relevent piece. Me being in class I am paying attention to the Educator before me and wondering why Xe Just gives out the meaning. Then it hit me. The teacher was not going into detail about [why] its relevent. Im currently in Geometry, and she was talking about major, and minor arks; however Xe was not going into what could be used in the situation that would need arks. Xe is implanting the password to everyone as we speak, and its not Xir fault, but the Education Xe is required to give. Xe has no decision in doing this. Xe has to, its Xir job to tell us the answers and for us to Repeat.