Florence Hinder

Hi I am Flo! I am a cofounder of Thought Saver an EdTech startup trying to revolutionise how we learn and then apply those learnings to improve well-being and decision-making. Our team is all EA aligned and funded by Sparkwave.tech. 

I am a highly motivated, curious soul that loves a challenge and taking action. 

I enjoy running, climbing, reading non-fiction books, discussing the world's most pressing problems, and eating chocolate. 
 @florencehinder (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)


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It's just an embed link that is setup to work with LessWrong and the EA forum. 

Nice! I've done a few First Aid courses, and I always forget the key ideas, I look forward to reviewing this content and keeping on top of it. 

I converted these cards into Thought Saver flashcards; it's much easier for new spaced repetition users to give it a go, and you can embed it directly into forum posts!

Thanks for the positive encouragement, much appreciated! 

An 800-day streak is awesome!! Nice work! 

Thanks for sharing how you use SRS; I always love thinking about all the creative possibilities for it. 

I also consider myself to have a lower-than-average natural memory, but I find spaced repetition incredibly valuable! 

I couldn't agree more!

There are lots of parts of the SRS learning journey that are high friction that will need to be reduced. I also think starting with effective card creation will have the greatest impact, because if they are really good cards, then you will notice you are learning the content, and it's thrilling and motivating to witness! (Like with your lived example!)

Hi Adam!

Absolutely; what's the least effective learning technique? Not learning! 

However, we still think there are ways to improve your learning (provided you already do it).  We are working on reducing the friction across the whole learning process, such as effective card creation being a chore, hence the embedded flashcards.

That is an interesting perspective to consider, the trade-off that you could be reducing the amount of time people spend learning even if it's more effective! A quick back of the napkin says that even if it does reduce the amount you read drastically it's still worthwhile, as long as you don't reduce it by more than the forgetting curve!
Say you normally read 10 hours/week then you start using SRS and it drops it down to 5 hours/week. But you remember 10x the amount of what you would have previously remembered. Thus it ends up being the equivalent of reading 50 hours/week. 

Thanks so much for this list, I turned it into a flashcard deck so that I can remember it forever and hopefully put some of it into action. My heuristic is if I am happy spending ~5 minutes to remember each point over my life time, it's worthwhile remembering!

(You are also able to embed this into the post if you want too!)