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Open Thread for February 11 - 17

Why do I have a moral duty to do wrong thing? Shouldn't I act in my own self interest to maximise the amount of money I make?

Open Thread for February 11 - 17

IIT proposes that consciousness is integrated information.

The key difference between a brain and the hard disk is the disk has no way of knowing what it is actually sensing. Brain can tell difference between many more sense and receive and use more forms of information. The camera is not conscious of the fact it sensing light and colour.

This article is a good introduction to the topic and the photodiode example in the paper is the simple version of your question http://www.biolbull.org/content/215/3/216.full

Open Thread for February 11 - 17

I participated in an economics experiment a few days ago, and one of the tasks was as follows. Choose one of the following gambles where each outcome has 50% probability Option 1: $4 definitely Option 2: $6 or $3 Option 3: $8 or $2 Option 4: $10 or $1 Option 5: $12 or $0

I choose option 5 as it has the highest expected value. Asymptotically this is the best option but for a single trial, is it still the best option?

Open Thread for February 11 - 17

IIT is provides a mathematical approach to measuring consciousness. It is not crazy, and has a significant number of good papers on the topic. It is human-independent

New Monthly Thread: Bragging

I used Matlab for most of my programming. From what I have read (and seen), Matlab is the most used software for Computational Neuroscience. Almost all of the researchers who used any programming used Matlab, which a few people using C.

New Monthly Thread: Bragging

Thanks Am in the middle of writing up generalised proof of what I have done.

Work I did was mainly concerned with calculating integrated information for simple neuronal systems.

If I get some time, I could write up my result if people are interested

New Monthly Thread: Bragging

I'm an undergraduate student, and I recently completed a holiday research project in computational neuroscience. During the project I found some interesting properties about connection properties in matrices which may not be a currently known.

Punctuality - Arriving on Time and Math

Think it is really good using maths like this in the real world to improve skills.

I would presume what assume that arrival time would follow a normal distribution and be slanted further to the right (As there will be a minimum time to get somewhere, but no maximum time taken value that occurs) so not sure whether using the percentages is necessary.

Agree that this post should be on the main page.

What math should I learn?

I just finished reading about game theory which I found interesting.

Welcome to Less Wrong! (2012)

Thanks for the welcome and for the links

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