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Welcome to LessWrong (10th Thread, January 2017) (Thread A)

Hello and welcome! I love your enthusiasm for learning!

Yes, feel free to ask things in the discussion threads.

2017: An Actual Plan to Actually Improve

I could really benefit from a better note taking system such as the one you mention in item 2. Could you give me some pointers for improving note taking? Relatedly, what system/app do you use for the note taking?

Open thread, Feb. 9 - Feb. 15, 2015

I recently got into practicing meditation, and got a lot out of the old LW posts about it. I was wondering if there is any interest to have a meditation retreat for rationalists?

Immortality: A Practical Guide

Alternative title: How To Live For Very Very Long And Yet Not Live At All.

Two special CFAR classes in Sept: Installing Habits and Rationality for Programmers

I'm signed up for the programming one. This'll be my first time at CFAR. pretty excited!

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