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I'm not much of a LWer these days, but I do co-host a podcast on philosophy and emerging technologies which has a growing library of interviews with LWers:

I suppose I'm interested in both, but that reference is very helpful. I'm also vaguely aware of some literature on what is called "private governance" that would be germane to this discussion. 

Interesting claim. We specifically asked him that and he didn't think that was the case, but you could be right!

My admin pointed out the RSS feed (which I assume is what you found) and he's going to see if there's a way to make subscribing easier. 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

I'm looking for a really short introduction to light therapy and a rig I can put in my basement-office. Over the years I've noticed my productivity just falls off a goddamn cliff after sundown during the winter months, and I'd like to try to do something about it. 

After the requisite searching I see a dozen or so references across lesswrong, and was wondering if someone could just tell me how the story ends and where I can shop for bulbs. 

For the most part I was thinking about just making things brighter, but I'm open to trying red-light therapy too if people have had success with that.  

Thanks for the recommendations. One thing that would is just knowing what this is called. Do your books give it a name?

Not yet. That's part of what we're hoping to learn about here.

I like that idea too. How hard is it to publish in academic journals? I don't have more than a BS, but I have done original research and I can write in an academic style.

A post-mortem isn't quite the same thing. Mine has a much more granular focus on the actual cognitive errors occurring, with neat little names for each of them, and has the additional step of repeatedly visualizing yourself making the correct move.

This is a rough idea of what I did, the more awesome version with graphs will require an email address to which I can send a .jpg

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