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The Moral Void

It is the courage of a theist who goes against what they believe to be the Will of God, choosing eternal damnation and defying even morality in order to rescue a slave, or speak out against hell, or kill a murderer...
I once read in some book about members of the Inquisition who thought that their actions - like torture and murder - might preclude them from going to heaven. But these people where so selflessly moral that they gave up their own place in heaven for saving the souls of the witches... great, isn't it?

i suggest an alternarive using a few more dimensions: we={male_built,female_built,...} x{male_image,female_image,...} x{sexually_aggressive,sexually_passive} x{attracted_to_males,not_attracted_to_males} x{attracted_to_females,not_attracted_to_females}

sorry, it seems like it does not wrap... (at least here on opera, forgive reposte please)

kind regards, frank

acutally, i suggest an alternarive using a few more dimensions: we={male_built,female_built,...}x{male_image,female_image,...}x{sexually_aggressive,sexually_passive}x{attracted_to_males,not_attracted_to_males}x{attracted_to_females,not_attracted_to_females}

how is that for a start?

kind regards, frank

i think adding an additional dimension does at least not loose any precision. so we have now not ownly "two kind" of people, but "four kind" of people. People={male,female}x{man,women} or however you may call 'em. but then, why stop there? i'm sure we can dissect the whole thing even further, if we only wanted to. why do then some people think that their choice of cutoff point is naturally superior to any other? for some subspace of topics this distinction is indeed relevant, and i understand it when some people do strongly insist on exact wording. but then again, see, what the sender sends is only half the message. the other half of the message comes from the receiver. (and, yes, 50:50 is just another arbitrary border i set - and i expect you to allow me that. the reason for this is that i do not normally want to have to write all those disclaimers.) well, now see if that rant made any sense.... =)

kind regards, frank

eli: thanks for setting a few things straight here!