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I have two questions that may be slightly off-topic and a minor remark:

  • Is a list of open and tractable problems related to Infra-Bayesianism somewhere available?
  • Do you plan to publish the results of the Infra-Bayesianism series in a peer-reviewed journal? I understand that there are certain downsides; mostly that it requires a lot of work, that the whole series may be too long for a journal article and that the peer review process takes much time. However, if your work is citeable, it could attract more researchers, who are able to contribute.
  • On page 22, you should include the condition a(bv) = (ab)v into the definition of a vector space. 

Thank you for the link. This clarifies a lot.

I am starting to learn theoretical stuff about AI alignment and have a question. Some of the quantities in your post contain the Kolmogorov complexity of U. Since it is not possible to compute the Kolmogorov complexity of a given function or to write down a list of all function whose complexity is below a certain bound, I wonder how it would be possible to implement the PreDCA protocol on a physical computer.