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Hi Yli, Here's a possible solution for you: A post of mine was featured on Jesse Patel's WorkFlowy blog a couple of days ago:

Hi Paul, came across a tweet today of someone who said they loved your workflow. Pretty impressive. I downloaded your template and spent some time going up and down it. I do a lot of Pomodoro-ing myself. What I see a lot of in your template - and something I could use more to keep myself in check - is reflecting on what has been done and I imagine what can be improved upon and adjusted thereafter. You are very systematic.

I noticed reminders "by time" tucked away in your "Meta" list. Other than that, your "Projects and "Today" sections are fairly similar to the way I set it up. I wrote a blog post about it a week ago. I include a "calendar" section as part of my Personal Kanban solution. You of all people I think would appreciate the thinking behind my setup. A number of people who would never previously have used WorkFlowy as a Kanban solution for personal task management are now applying my approach. Jesse Patel recently featured it on the WorkFlowy blog...

Here's my template:

Here's my blog post that explains it:

I'm seriously going to include some of the metrics and processes that you outlined in your template.