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Also, what the heck are you talking about?

Wireheading. The term is not a metaphor, and it's not a hypothetical. You can literally stick a wire into someone's pleasure centers and activate them, using only non-groundbreaking neuroscience.

It's been tested on humans, but AFAIK no-one has ever felt compelled to go any further.

(Yeah, seems like it might be evidence. But then, maybe akrasia...)


So if we have a heresy, then exposing it as actually true would be good, because we want to know the truth - hang on.


... can't we rewire brains right now? We just ... don't.


I think he meant "jesus myth" proponents, who IIRC are ... dubious.


I asked about this a while ago, and apparently the software doesn't support it :/


You're supposed to roleplay a Gatekeeper. There is more than money on the line.


Historical Flammel also has an official grave site in France (Paris, if I remember correctly); I want to think he lived to his eighties, but it's been a few months since I last read about him.

I recall hearing that "grave" does not contain a body, although I'm not sure how the person who told me that knew. (They were suggesting using him in fiction, much as HPMOR did.)


Isn't "Dark Side" approximately "effective, but dangerous"?


Well ... isn't it? What others are you thinking of? None spring to my mind.

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