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Ah. And suppose I snapped my fingers and caused all the stars and galaxies to move into the appropriate positions for 2108?

"You'd be arrested for violating the laws of physics."

But suppose I did it anyway.

I get so frustrated when you write stuff like this because you also wrote:

Therefore at this point my answer is no you did not.

However, funnily enough, once you changed all the atoms in the universe my response was "Okay now it is 2108" (maybe because I found the universe in a consistent believable state including my memories of the intevening 100 years).

And by the way since I would have survived for another 100 years I might just have overwhelming personal evidence that Many Worlds is true. I guess that would be your purpose for the exercise. (Of course if you are still there with me after that 100 years then the overwhelming personal evidence doesn't happen).

I have been learning a lot from your quantum mechanics series. Thanks. Please keep it up.