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What do you actually do to replenish your willpower?

To replenish my willpower, i watch a lot of TEDx conferences about positivity, mindset, success and ways of working and i write down what i've learned after each conference and i think about it. Also, when i just can't begin to work, i go outside for a long run with motivating music or i do some yoga. To sum up, you just have to create your own motivation/willpower rituals, just observe your way of living and the things that motivate you and try to use them as a tool to replenish your willpower.

Positivity Thread :)

It's good to see that LW too can be really human sometimes

List of techniques to help you remember names

Because i have a visual memory, i can easily remember names if i associate them to a special detail of the appearence of the person.

Stupid Questions November 2015

In your opinion, what is the age and the average level of study of the users of LessWrong ?

Stupid questions thread, October 2015

I wanted to mean that even if they grow, they're becoming too big for the humans and a small or medium group of persons or at least a very small society is maybe more adapted to us

Stupid questions thread, October 2015

Are you serious lol ? You understood what i meant don't be like that ! We can observe too that humans who are very very happy in such big societies are not many and the proportions of unhappy people is growing while societies grow too ; so i was wondering if a big society is the best way to live for an average human and you understood me well!

Stupid questions thread, October 2015

Thank you for your answer i was thinking the same way ! And yes it was the meaning of my question thank you !

Stupid questions thread, October 2015

Yeah sorry in fact i'm french and the expression to say that is "fait pour vivre" and i translated it literally . I just wanted to ask if the humans are biolocally and mentally very able to live in a big society like ours and if it's a product of the evolution.

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